Jasmine Poole

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Breeding Ground

Installation and Photomedia

Concerned with the re-interpretation of space and material, the photo and installation series 'Breeding Ground' explores the redefinition of abandoned and soon to be demolished or renovated sites.

Often when one enters these sites they are enveloped by visual indications of nature's slow reclamation in the form of crumbling brickwork, caving ceilings, and cascading wallpaper. These inevitable changes disrupt belief in the solidity and permanence of built space. This notion of impermanence is examined through the creation of ephemeral site-specific installations, their phantasmagoric forms responding to the ambiguous nature of the spaces.

Stemming from an interest in urban exploration and a concern with the process of gentrification, the images were conceived as a way of highlighting the artistic, cultural and historical value of spaces against a paradigm that assesses their value only as future development sites.

Through the creation of 'alternate realities' the series interrogates the current privileging of profit over community in the built environment.

Photographic documentation of these acts of incursion have been made in camera and is presented in its unaltered form.

This series has been created in Germany, Poland and Australia.