Jasmine Poole

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Video / 2011 / excerpt 00:43secs of 3:00mins

A story still exists here // Part 6


Current work in progress - installation, video and sound

The sound of mahjong tiles being shuffled resonates long after the game is over.

This piece is a culmination of the previous parts of the series A story still exists here. It will include installation, video and sound.

White plaster mahjong tiles will form a centrepiece in front of the video. The tiles representing stories told over games of mahjong that linger long after the player ceases to exist. The colour white being associated with death and funeral practices in Chinese culture.

The video follows on from the These Four Walls series and illustrates the story that exists between those two images. The audio component will play an important part as it will contain snippets of his story interspersed with the visuals.

The video is still in the process of being edited and does not yet contain the sound component. The mahjong tiles are still being produced.