Jasmine Poole

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A story still exists here // Part 3

The only place i'll be walking, is back in time

Site-specific installation
Printed on sketch paper purchased in China

After travelling through both the small villages and large cities of China, an evident divide became apparent. The concerns of the nation as a whole seem to have shifted from spiritual to material gain, dividing a nation that was once forcibly united under the guise of communism. A movement which saw the unjust deaths of many, deaths which to this day continue to haunt and are still unrecognised and unaccounted for.

Family photos, communist posters and kitsch landscapes haphazardly snake their way along the concrete walls of homes in the villages of China. This installation mimics this mode of display, with old family pictures laden with senimentality, photos taken on my journey through China, and communist posters brought together to form a collective identity. It is a comment on life in China in the present, with pointers to the past, as there is no today without yesterday.