Jasmine Poole

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A story still exists here // Part 4

The sky was red

Photographic Series

On the day my grandmother gave birth to her first child, my mother, she described the sky as glowing red. At the time, they were squatters in the slum settlement of Shek Kip Mei in HongKong, which then went up in flames in the great fire of 1953. Subsequently, this left the family homeless and forced them to return to China at a time of civil unrest. They would eventually return to a Hong Kong housing estate later on in their lives.

Paw Paw (grandmother) always held a deep-seated hate for Mao Zedong. Her father had been murdered as a result of the communist movement, as his ownership of a brick factory saw him painted as a capitalist. Thus, her life was overturned and her future dictated by circumstance. From this she would never fully recover, and her anger was evident until the day she died.